Consulting & Programming

Looking for a personalized program, fitness and nutritional counseling, or simply answers to the questions that are holding you back from your goals? Kurt will sit down with you one-on-one and provide you the programming, tools, and knowledge you need to reach your goals, break through the plateaus, or enhance your understanding of the human body.

For the price of one personal training session, get the tools and knowledge you need for a lifetime of progress.

All purchases consist of a one-on-one Skype session and one follow up session.

Personalized Programming

Individualized programs for your specific goals, including: – Body Fat Loss – Hypertrophy (muscle mass gain) – Strength – Anaerobic or Aerobic Conditioning – Personally-Tailored (everything and anything in between)


Two Programs for $100

Purchase to two personalized programs for $100.



One-on-One Consulting

Get a complete consultation and learn the do’s and don’t’s, facts v. fictions, and most effective strategies to help yourself to your goal. Using the most up to date research and strategies, get coaching sessions on: – Fitness 101 – Nutrition 101 – Resistance Training 101 – Cardio 101 – Body Composition 101 – Supplements 101


Two Consulting Sessions for $100

Purchase two one-on-one consulting sessions for $100.



Ask me Anything

Have questions? Want to learn how to eat what you want and get lean and lose weight? Get an open Q & A session with Kurt and ask anything. Get the training and nutrition answers you need to get yourself to your goals not just for now but for good. How much protein should I eat? Should I eat protein after I lift? Are low carb diets good for fat loss? How often should I train? Ask any and all things you have questions on. Session consists of 60 minute Skype call.


Inquire about business and group consulting and workshops for your business or social groups.


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